As an independent European Actor in the field of capital-investment and development, the Compagnie Financière Privée (COFIPRI), Private Financial Company, aims to build and support companies the potential of which falls under the duration by industrializing the procedures in diversified business sectors such as food-processing industry, wholesale and retail trade, forestry development, finance, real-estate, industry, logistics, catering and security.

The company is run by several associates who have accumulated decades of successful experience regarding entrepreneurship and investment in Europe, Indian Ocean and Africa. The company is also supported by an international team of specialists in the field of investment and company management, depending on the state of the art on the matter.

The main goal of COFIPRI is to take advantage of its knowledge of several business sectors, its widespread reliable network and its experience of the ground with a view to identifying market opportunities of each company regarding their market needs, and this, with a better financial return for the investors, which is the ultimate goal.

COFIPRI is an independent European company dedicated to the sustainability of the creation of added-value.

COFIPRI attaches a very particular significance to the social and environmental impact of the projects it develops. More particularly in African countries, COFIPRI requires social and economic repercussion of its projects in favour of local population that it wishes them to take advantage of its action.



We prospect and thrive on markets out of common use, generally on territories where the opportunities are numerous but where the risks are proportional, and thus we seek to increase our growth margins and to outstrip the major trends of our time. Grasp the dynamics within economy and society is our passion, source of innovation and wealth creation for the benefit of all in accordance with customs and traditions in which we operate on the international stage. For that purpose, we lean on the few profiles who have the best skills to work in the context of their tasks.

Discretion, dynamism, self-confidence, know-how and experience are our trademark, proven by values stemming from the oldest initiative and entrepreneurship spirit that we all share. We also took advantage and drew lessons from our previous failures.

Our ambition is to become a key actor in the structuring of financing and participations in fruitful concrete projects on the international stage, particularly in Africa, Western Africa, Indian Ocean as we are convinced that the impact on development and profitability are complementary.