COFIPRI enjoys a sustainable experience in various sectors as follows:

Food-processing industry:

“Mamma Roma” fresh products for the mass-market retailing (Delhaize, Carrefour, Kompass Group, Elior, etc.)


import of iron and cement by COFIPRI Trading Comoros, in partnership with the National Cement Works of Mozambique and the Spanish maritime group Auto Chartering (30 to 40.000 tons of cement a year with Comoros)

Forestry development:

acquisition, management and resale of bulky forests located in France, oaks and pines, 2.500 hectares in exploitation over the last decades

  • Finance:

Private management

Financial structuring

Fund raising


chain of “Mamma Roma” pizzas restaurants in France, Belgium and Switzerland (http://www.mammaroma.be/fr)


  • Real Estate:

Property development

Hotel business (Radisson Boulogne, in Paris, CHC Comoros)

Manufacturing industry:

planning to build a production unit of “green cement” on the basis of a patent and a standard use of 85% of pozzolan in its manufacturing process in Moroni, Grande Comoros (in progress of finalization)

  • Logistics:

Civil engineering

Rolling stock

Harbour: Moroni Terminal, harbour management in partnership with Bollore Africa Logistics group

Transport and warehousing

Bolloré Africa Logistics


mining, quarrying, through its subsidiary CMC Ltd, for the management of Ouani and Bahani basalt quarries located respectively on the island of Anjouan and Grande Comoros (average annual aggregates production of 400,000 tons); projects in progress in Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) and Morocco


airport and port facilities through its subsidiary Gate Secure in association with the Arab group Al Hamra Group in Abu Dhabi