With an entrepreneurial approach, we provide financial support to companies but also a strategic support with threefold objective: to create some added-value for our investments, investors and financial partners, to meet effectively the needs of markets, to take into account economic, environmental and social impacts in their decisions and operations.

Our participations are often significant, even majority, in the companies in order to show our total involvement and confidence in the projects, and this, with a view to preserving as well as possible the interests of our investments or investors.

COFIPRI helps the companies, particularly in:

  • The legal structuring and the establishment of a business plan;
  • The recruitment of skilled staff to key positions;
  • The industrialisation of the procedures and establishment of rules of good governance;
  • The identification of strategic partners;
  • Additionnal financing,beyond the own investments carried out, given our references with major international banking institutions and institutional and multilateral investors.

COFIPRI thus supports the companies in their development and financial strategy in a sustainable way.